Superleague Rules



1. League H.Q will be The Coppenhall Working Men's Club, 103 North Street, Crewe, CW1 4NJ.


2. Elective positions to be held for the following terms: General Secretary 3 Years, Chairperson and Treasurer 2 years,

Assistant Secretary 1 year (Assistant Secretary only subject to Chairperson and Treasurer being same person)


3. (To alternate annually). All other non-executive positions held for 1 year.

Honorariums are to be paid at the following rates per season.

General Secretary £200.00 pounds, Chairperson £200.00 pounds, Treasurer £200.00 pounds

Super-League Secretary £100.00 pounds and Transport Secretary £100.00 pounds

Music DJ £50.00 pounds

In addition, all expenses in accountable of nature to be covered.


4. Each team to be allowed one vote only, at the A.G.M.


5. Super League Fees. Men’s Teams £120.00 pounds per season, plus additional 50 pounds bond for new teams.

Ladies Teams £110.00 pounds per season, plus additional 50 pounds bond for new teams.


6. BOND: The 50.00 pounds bond is forfeitable by all teams as follows:-

£25.00 pounds for non-fulfilment of a fixture and £5.00 pounds for each of the following offences:

Late sheet, non-registered player or non-attendance of a County meeting

(Should this be required by Executive Committee)

If any teams bond expires before the end of the season then that team shall be deemed to be expelled from the league.

All bonds must be in place at the start of each season.


7. PAYMENT TIMES: All bonds plus a minimum of 60.00 pounds of the Super League fees must be in place by the registration date, which will be notified to all Secretaries a.s.a.p.

All remaining fees must be paid IN FULL before the start of the season. Agreed AGM 2012


8. Any team that defaults will forfeit all monies paid.


9. PLAYER REGISTRATIONS - All players must be registered. Each players form has to be with the super leagues secretary either before or with the first result sheet on which they appear. Should a team use DFW to record their match, they must notify the Super League Secretary of the new signing. Signing on Sheet must be with the Super League Secretary by the following Saturday after the match. Each players is to pay £5 to become a member of Cheshire Super League, Men's and Ladies, and monies to be sent to the Treasurer after each game. Please pay by BACC's or Bank Transfer and note the initials of your team and what fixture game you are paying for ie - Cop A M FX 2 (Coppenhall A Men, Fixture 2).

Failure to comply with this will result in a 5.00 pound fine as an unregistered player.


9.1 £2 from each player registration shall go into a prize fund for the end of season awards for new prizes. These consist of most 180's, highest finish and least darts. The total prize fund will be dependent upon the number of registered players and shall be split equally into the 3 prize funds. Should more than 1 person win the prize, the allocated prize fund shall be split equally between the total number of winners. For the interest of fairness, Cheshire darts will fund the overall superleague winner in the averages and match the prize amount to the same as most 180's, least darts and highest finish.

9.2 £10 UKDA registration fee will be paid to Cheshire darts upon a player completing their sign on registration form and playing in any given fixture of the season. This applies to those who also play for an average.

9.3 As of AGM 2022, Players must fill and sign their registration form before playing their first superleague fixture of the season. All details must be filled and correct with the opposing captain countersigning the reverse side of the sheet. Failure to do so will be deemed as non compliance and the player shall not be registered if they play with fines applicable and points awarded to opponent with overall score adjusted if necessary.

10. An unregistered players game, should they win, shall be awarded to the opposing team, with the match result altered accordingly.


11. All result sheets must be in the hands of the Super league Secretary by 6pm on the Wednesday after the match has been played. Failure to do so will result in 5.00 pounds penalty and deducted from the bond.


12. Playing night shall be Sunday, for both Men and Ladies, start time 6pm mens, 7.30pm ladies.


13. Re-arrangement Rules & Draw Rules.

A) ALL TEAMS MUST fulfil their fixtures by the end of the season. Failure to do so will result in a £25.00 fine per game.

B) Games can be re-arranged but reasons must be deemed acceptable ei, weather conditions, team transport impeded , unexpected venue damage/loss. The game must then be re-arranged immediately with the NON-CANCELLING TEAM giving two alternative dates to the team who cancelled, one of the dates must be given and the information sent to the Super League Sec before the original fixture is meant to take place by 21:00 hours. Failure to comply with sending this information in the given time will result in a fine of NON-FULFILMENT OF FIXTURE.

C) If a RE-ARRANGED GAME IS CANCELLED AGAIN, the team who cancel on the second occasion will be fined for NON-FULFILMENT OF FIXTURE and the 9 match points awarded to the opposing team. The team who would have played the fixture can hold a match between their own players for the opportunity of winning a Dynamic Point in the Averages, but please explain it properly to your Super League Sec when sending the results in.

D) If a team is short of players, the opposing team may hand select his players to play for the remaining match points. Example, Team A has 9 players, Team B has 5 players. Team A may select the 5 players from their 9 to play for the remaining match points. The other 4 players from Team A MUST play for an average to actually claim the 4 other match points, weather they play each other or play against players from the Team B is up to the captains on the night. Please, again, make sure the information is passed onto your Super League Sec in detail so the table and averages can be done correctly.

E) ALL PLAYERS MUST be on site to be entered in the draw. Draw is to be done randomly, however, if players need to go on early, this must be discussed between the two captains and can be allowed as long as the opposing captain is ok with it.

F) RE-ARRANGEMENT OF GAMES. Upon the date of the superleague fixtures being released, a 3 week window will open to allow teams the opportunity to ask opponents for a re arrangement should a venue be unavailable. This is not a guaranteed request nor does this have to be granted by an opponent. After the 3 week window closes, any team that wishes to re arrange a fixture will have to pay a fine of £10 for men's team and £8 for ladies team. This fine is payable by the team requesting to re arrange and must be paid by no later than the original fixture date and start time of 6pm men's, 7.30pm ladies.

Upon reaching the half way point through the season, a further 1 week window will open to allow teams to re arrange games for the second half of season. After this 1 week period, again if teams wish to re arrange the above fine will need to be paid.

The halfway point is set by the total number of days between the first fixture date and last fixture date and can start at any point during the week for a period of 7 days. This will be communicated as and when.

Teams can arrange for a fixture to be moved forward or later through the superleague season.

Normal re-arrangement rules will also apply and run along side this ruling


14. Ladies team to consist of 7 players.

Men’s team to consist of 9 players.

Men's matches are best of 7 legs, 501, straight start and finish on a double.

Ladies matches are the best of 5 legs, 501, straight start and finish on a double.


15.1 Each team should consist of no more than total 3 players per team per fixture in mens superleague or 2 in ladies superleague from either - Outside County players (Current Season) or PDC Players i.e. 2 PDC 0 Outside County / 1 PDC 1 Outside County / 0 PDC 2 Outside County. Agreed at AGM 2012

15.1.1 As per AGM 2022 PDC players are those who obtain a full PDC tour card and will be considered an outside player until they play a county match for Cheshire Darts in the respective season where start dates vary. Once a PDC player plays a county match for Cheshire Darts, they will be exempt from the outside rule for the remainder of that county season.

15.1.2 Outside County players are those who play a county match for any other county other than Cheshire Darts. This only applies once a player has played their match for another county and does not carry into a new season. 

15.1.3 As per AGM 2023 a player outside of Cheshire Darts Organisation may submit their average for county selection consideration. For any averages to be considered, the outside player must pay £15 to register to Cheshire under the normal procedure as written in the rules plus an additional nominal fee equating to all playing fees for the season. Should the outside player be unsuccessful in being selected, no monies will be returned or refunded.

The outside rule is to be on a match-by-match basis and not season to season.

15.2 In addition Teams are allowed to play a maximum 2 female players in the Men’s SL team fixture if the ladies are either Cheshire County or represent No Other County. Female players who have registered as being able to play for another county are permitted but will be considered Outside County Players.

Should this rule be broken and more than 2 outside players are used during 1 fixture then a penalty will be applied as followed:

The first 2 outside players drawn out in order will have their result accepted but any further outside  players after this will have their result declared as a loss and the match point awarded to the opposing team and if this affects the overall match result, this will be adjusted as well.  
If the adjusted match result creates a draw, then 1 additional point will be awarded to both teams.

16. The order of play shall be determined by being drawn out. Each team captain shall enter onto their own darts for windows sheet the players in order in which they shall play.

Men’s teams shall conduct the draw at 5.45pm with play to commence at the default time of 6.00pm. Men's Team's can request for a 7pm start for their home games if an earlier time effects their playing conditions. Please notify your Super League Secretary and the Team who is travelling to you. Agreed at 2017 AGM

Ladies draw at 7.15 with play to commence at 7.30pm.

Games may be played earlier in the day with the agreement of both sides. Agreed 2017

16.1 As agreed at AGM 2021, The match board shall be cleared from all players 15 minutes before start of normal play (5.45 for men and 7.15 for ladies), to ensure match time can start promptly and players receive same 9 darts practice before game start.


17. No substitutes will be allowed once the sheet has been filled in.


18. Every players single dart average should be calculated and entered onto the sheet. Both team Captains to ensure sheets are checked and accurate at the end of the game.

    18.1 As well as single dart average, each player shall receive an extra point on his/her average dependent on winning the players individual game.  This will be recorded as a Dynamic Average and players need to win their respective game to receive this point. Should an opponent team be short of players, the team playing with full squad numbers still needs to win individual game to receive the dynamic point.


19. Each team shall receive a point per game win, with a single bonus point being awarded to the overall winner. In the event of a tie at the end of the season for any position that requires a winning pay out, then legs will come into consideration. If still tied then the results of the teams involved will be considered, if still tied then a play-off will be arranged by the Super League Secretary and will be played at a mutual venue. First team to 5 points will win in mens while first team to 4 points in ladies will win.


   19.1 Should a fixture take place where one team has not got the full number of players, opponent teams will be awarded win points for the individual game, provided the game is played. For example if one team has 6 players and one team has 9, the 3 remaining games need to be fulfilled before a team can claim the points. Regardless of who wins the game, the team with 9 players will be awarded the match point. The dynamic point will be awarded as per ruling 18.1


20. If a team(s) is expelled or resigns from the league in the first half of the season, then all points gained will be deducted. If a team(s) demise is during the second half of the season, then only those results after the turn around will be deducted.

Individual averages to stand throughout the season.


21. All clubs shall provide boards in a good condition and a suitable venue. The board shall be a standard 1-20 clock pattern

Dart Board Measurements:
Standard height from the floor to the bullseye on the dartboard is 5 feet 8 inches, while the oche (distance between the front of the board and the toeline) should measure 7 feet 9.25inches.


22. Teams MUST also provide a practice board to be available throughout the duration of the match.


23. A raised oche MUST be provided and be at least 2inch high and 2ft long.


24. Burst rule to apply.


25. All darts for windows result sheets to be filled in by a scorer from both teams as the match progresses. Each team to be responsible for ensuring it reaches the Super League Secretary on time.

25.1 A laptop must be used with darts for windows and linked to a tv for players during a match with 1 scorer from the home side. Should a tv fail, the use of alternative scoring can be used if agreed by both teams.


26. No dart to be retrieved from the board until the scorer has recorded the score. Protest after retrieval will not be accepted. Any protest on any matter must firstly be made by telephone to an executive member within 24hrs of the offence taking place, to be followed in writing within seven days of the match.


27. Any rule not covered by these rules will be governed by the existing UKDA rules. Should you require a copy of the UKDA Hand Book, please email or message your General Secretary.


28. Each player competing at a Super league fixture must pay £1 oche fee. All Funds to be collected by the Team Captains and sent to Treasurer.  Agreed at AGM 2014. All Oche Fees must be paid after each match and kept up to date with. Failure to do so will result in fines or a 10 point reduction in the league table, action to be deemed by the respective Super League Sec and Executive Committee.


29. No players shall be allowed to transfer from one Cheshire Super League Team to another during an ongoing season once they have submitted their Players Registration Form in for the first team they sign for. Should a player be found breaking this rule, they will be disqualified from the Averages and suspended for the remainder of the Season.


30. Any Cheshire Darts Organisation affiliated player/committee member found guilty of bringing the county into disrepute, verbally or online, will be immediately suspended for the ongoing season. The guilty party are allowed to appeal in writing to the Executive Committee, where a meeting will be placed to determine the future outcome.

31. Agreed at the AGM 2016, to represent Cheshire County will be the responsibility of the respective selectors for the Men's and Ladies. Players MUST play Super League in Cheshire to be considered with only current Professional Darts Players being excluded from this rule. Any new players must put an average in to the selectors agreement.