Cheshire AGM Minutes

Cheshire County Darts Organisation

Annual General Meeting

20th May 2018




Meeting Opened:  12:20pm



PRESENT:            Ladies Teams – Armoury, Chester, Knights Grange, Swan & Chequers, Winston.


                                 Men’s Teams – Coppenhall ‘A’, Coppenhall ‘B’, Railway, Knights Grange, Derby Arms (Bebbington)


NOT PRESENT:   Ring O’ Bells, Williston, Rudheath, Barrow, Cosy.



Ladies Manager’s Report – Carole Flewitt


Dan stated he has received a text from Carole saying she is unwell and apologises for not being able to attend today.


Men’s Manager’s Report – Andy Cope


Dan has been informed by Sean Davis that Andy sends his apologies as it is his wedding anniversary today and will not be able to attend the AGM.


Ladies SL Secretary’s Report – Helen Graham


Lyn Marsden informed Dan that she has not received any update from Helen Graham.


Men’s SL Secretary’s Report – Dan Smithers


Firstly, Dan wanted to thank each and every team for their co-operation this season in helping the season run as smoothly as possible.


Unfortunately, his laptop has a re-booting error which has prevented him from finalising the table and averages, however, once this is back up and running, he will complete and post online for all to see.


Dan confirmed that the Coppenhall Men’s ‘A’ team from Crewe won the overall league, having done so mathematically on his last update.  Well done to the Coppenhall ‘A’ and good luck to them at the Champions of Champions in July 2018.  Also, congratulations on the Coppenhall ‘B’ for coming runners up.


Dan also confirmed that Patrick Lynskey has won the overall dynamic averages, a massive well done to him.


There are a couple of highest average awards to be confirmed, again, once he’s back up and running with the laptop, he will have this information transferred to Lyn, so payments can be made to the players.


Hotel & Travel Secretary’s Report – Dawn Corbett


Dawn asked everyone if they were happy with the hotels / rooms that had been used this year.  She had asked the hotels to comment on our organisation and they agreed that we behaved impeccably.


Dawn mentioned that once rooms were booked, they had to be paid for even if you didn’t attend.  We as a county pay for these rooms upfront at least 3 weeks before we are due to arrive and cannot cancel any rooms.


General Secretary’s Report – Sean Davis


Sean wanted to take this opportunity to thank Dan Smithers for all his hard work with Cheshire over the many years and wish him all the best for the future.  He will be greatly missed by many of us but it’s up to all of us now to take over and carry on pushing Cheshire forward.


New first from the BDO in which myself and Lyn attended an EGM meeting on the 29th April to discuss as to whether or not the current Board were performing to the required levels their position asked for.


This EGM was motioned by Des Jacklin of Lincolnshire and it was in his views that Sue Williams and Wayne Williams were not fit to continue within the BDO and asked for their removal with himself taking temporary chairmanship until the AGM in August upon when a new board could be voted in with Des electing for Chairman on a permanent basis.


Some of the reasons for this were as follows:


2016 World darts trophy event lost £79,000 with no sponsorship deal in place to fund event.


2017 World darts trophy event lost £79,000 with no sponsorship deal in place to fund event.


2017 Winmau Masters lost in region of £20,000 with no contract with venue to hold event in future.


World Championship has no contract to hold event at Lakeside, merely a yearly handshake is deemed enough of a contract to honour terms and conditions.


So, in all, mistakes have been made by Sue and Wayne, but I feel that the Board of Directors of which Des is a Director and other officials could have helped to run the BDO in a better way.  This is simply a move by Des to take over to run things his way in my opinion.  With Sue and Wayne stepping down at the August AGM, a new Board will be duly elected.


Cheshire news and we are running the Gold Cup, Winmau & Lakeside Qualifiers on Saturday 2nd June 2018 here at the Coppenhall.  This date may not suit everyone, but we have a tight schedule to avoid comps, ensure Coppenhall is free, staff are free to run and a deadline of 15th June for Gold Cup entry.


Cheshire Open is provisionally 21st / 22nd July 2018 but at present I’m not available that weekend to support running this.  Another date may be selected.


Moving on to County news, another fantastic season for us with a mid table finish again securing Premiership status.  News on who is coming up is being decided this weekend with three potential teams being Essex, Oxford and Northampton.  Re-arranged games for Essex and Northampton are taking place this weekend.


He is pleased to say our 2-year trial for the light surrounds has now been finalised with Premiership teams ok with its implementation.  We now have to go to a full council vote for all counties in August to determine whether we can still use the lights for County, a vote against us would be damning and I feel a step backwards for the sport but until the August AGM, we cannot do anything about the situation.


Sean wanted to thank Phil and all the Coppenhall staff for yet again another outstanding season with County and the Cheshire Open.  The Coppenhall really does feel like home now and we should be grateful for all the club does for us, a lot of hard work goes into making events ready for us so thank you.


Super league news and congratulations to the Knights Grange Ladies and to the Coppenhall ‘A’ Men’s for winning the league with Riley’s Ladies and Coppenhall ‘B’ Men’s finishing runners up.  The Champions Cup takes place on 1st July 2018 and I’m sure both teams will do Cheshire proud.


One issue arising at super league has been the incomplete details on signing on sheets.  The sheets that player’s fill in need to be completed in full as he has to register players on the BDO super league client database.  The system requires all details from the registration form with exception to telephone number and email address.  This document is an official document required by the BDO, this is not just a paperwork exercise.


Sean stated he couldn’t tell you how much of a nightmare this has been to complete, having spent two weeks of an evening inputting data with no information, no addresses, sometimes no surnames or date of births, it can be a real struggle.


Should the super league secretary receive incomplete signing on sheets, then that player will be deemed as unregistered and as such, if they have played a game(s), that player may have results / averages removed from any fixtures played in and unable to play in future fixtures until an appropriate form has been received with all win points going to opponent’s team.  It is your responsibility as Captain’s to ensure forms are completed correctly.


This has been one of the hardest seasons involved with Cheshire.  The rearrangement of the Yorkshire fixture, plus knowing Dan was leaving along with having to take the lead at some County games has been tough along with doing everything else.  The hardest bit however, has been the outbursts on social media and quite frankly absurd comments towards us and Cheshire.  He cannot understand how this bitterness has edged into our County.  We work hard to try to give you the best, to be fair, and morally integral but this doesn’t seem to be enough for some. 


If you don’t agree with the way things are, he suggested 1 of 2 things needed to happen:-


1.     Step up and do a better job if you think you can rather than sitting on the sidelines poisoning people.

2.     Leave and go somewhere else.


We are in a great place with great people, we must become a team again and look after each other.  Everyone needs to pull together and keep Cheshire the great County it is.


Treasurer’s Report – Lyn Marsden


Lyn produced the Profit & Loss sheet to everyone who attended the AGM.  She went through details and asked if there were any questions.


Due to the re-arranged game against Yorkshire, it was confirmed by the Executive Committee those people who had already paid for their hotel rooms and / or train tickets and could prove this by producing a receipt, would be reimbursed.  This was a big hit for us which cost the County over £1,000.00


Chairman’s Report – Dan Smithers


Dan stated that it was a somewhat rollercoaster of a season this year, but again, we confirm ourselves as a Premier League team for the 2018 / 19 season, being one of three teams to survive over the last decade with Lancashire & Yorkshire.


When we look at the obstacles we’ve had to overcome this year, it continues to amaze me at the support and spirit of our players pulling together, winning and losing as a team, fighting as a team.


Q-School has hit many Counties hard this season, which did massive damage to us, but this is something we cannot control, and for a lot of players, it provides a golden opportunity to progress in the world of darts which a lot would be foolish to miss out on, so well done to them all and thank you to those of them who have continued to support and play for the County.  But he also stated he had to be honest in saying there have been a lot of affairs which have done more damage to us from the inside, and it has disappointed him to see this.


Over the last six years, we have had a brilliant showing on social media which has seen nothing but support, where politics have been left out and been brought to meetings instead of airing one’s personal point of views disregarding what damage or offence could be taken by others.  From the start of the season, he did his best to manage this, but even he had a breaking point where he refused to see others being slated for decisions being made.  It must stop for the future of Cheshire, and this is a topic he has thought of quite a lot this season.  Certain individuals who have repeatedly slated decisions, rules or individuals on Facebook and have claimed that “Cheshire are done” seems to be the cause of attempting to bring Cheshire down, yet they can’t see this at all!  Every County has affairs going on behind closed doors, Cheshire have never been strangers to this, but it’s about the way we deal with this.  Airing views on Facebook is not the way forward, things can be misunderstood and taken the wrong way, it isn’t the way to sort issues out, only to multiply them, but what frustrated him more was there have been certain individuals that if they had put the effort into their darts as they have into airing their views on decisions made, maybe things would have turned out different for them!


That being said, those who have decided to move on for their reasons I have yet to understand, it’s opened the door for new blood to come through and gain experience on the County stage with Cheshire and I wish everyone the best of luck going into the new season to continue progressing and fighting for a place in the squad.  As always, let your darts do the talking.


Dan confirmed that the Cheshire Open will take place this season and thanked those for their patience with this.  The delay in finalising this was due to whether he could get time off work.  Dan confirmed he has the Saturday off which has the multiple events on but has yet to confirm the Sunday.  The full details of the event will be out shortly so keep your eyes posted.  Dates are 21st / 22nd July 2018.


Dan also wanted to congratulate a few players this season on certain achievements: -


Michael Haynes on winning 9 out of 9 games in the Inter-Counties which gained him his England International place.  Ladies ‘A’ team finishing 3rd in their overall section and to Anastasia Dobromyslova finishing 2nd in the Ladies ‘A’ Premier averages.


Dan stated that it hasn’t hit him yet this being his last AGM for Cheshire, but he would like to thank each and every individual who has supported this County over the many years.  Cheshire will always continue to strive, and he will always keep an eye out for the scores and support us every game.  Thank you to all our hardworking officials, committed players and supporters and to everyone at the Coppenhall Club.  To Phil and his team who have been fantastic in supporting this County for our home matches.  Good luck to all of you next season and he will hopefully pop up one home game to shout you all on.


Any Other Business


The Committee open the floor for any questions.




Roll Call 2018 / 19 – Committee


Cheshire’s new committee for the coming year is as follows:-


Ladies Manager:

Carole Flewitt

Ladies ‘A’ Captain:

Lyn Marsden

Ladies ‘B’ Captain:

Jill Jodrill

Men’s Manager:

Andy Cope

Men’s ‘A’ Captain:

To be advertised

Men’s ‘B’ Captain:

Jeff Fisher

Hotel & Travel Secretary:

Lainey Webb

Ladies SL Secretary:

Dawn Corbett

Men’s SL Secretary:

Kirstie Corbett


Lainey Webb

Website Master:

Sean Davis


Lyn Marsden

General Secretary:

Sean Davis

Chairman / Chairperson:

Sean Davis & Lyn Marsden with the help of the committee.


Men’s Selection:


Andy Cope, Men’s ‘A’ Captain – TBC, Jeff Fisher, Men’s SL Secretary’s representative – Sean Davis, Steve Lomas & Patrick Lynskey – TBC.


Ladies Selection:


Carole Flewitt, Lyn Marsden, Jill Jodrill, Dawn Corbett, Andrea Hunt & Mandy Smith.




Dawn mentioned that the prizes for the raffle needs to be updated as we should have at least one bottle of spirits per raffle.  She suggested that each team donates a bottle of spirits just the once.  It was suggested by the floor that all county players pay £2 subs to get better prizes in.  £1 to County as normal and the other £1 will go into a pot for the raffle prizes.  Kerry Mundy has kindly offered to pick up the prizes for the home games and Jayne Downey has kindly offered to donate chocolates for the County games.


Sean Davis brought up about putting the petrol money up for away games to £20.  This was discussed, and a decision was made that if you are travelling up on the day only, you will still receive £10 per laying person however, if you are staying at the hotel also then you will get a further £10 of your room.


Dan asked the floor if they were happy with the number of players in each team.  This was confirmed that there will be 7 players per Ladies team and 9 players per Men’s team.


Cindy Hough commented that at the Swan & Chequers they struggle to play their matches on Bank Holidays due to the pub holding events.  She suggested when arranging the games for the coming year that Bank Holidays could be avoided.  Dawn stated this was something she was going to try and do anyway.


Those teams that have not been able to attend today’s meeting will be given until the 3rd June 2018 to register.






Meeting Closed:  3:45pm